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House Party Game Characters

House party Game Characters:


Derek is your companion from your secondary school’s prisons and winged serpents club and the main individual you know at this gathering.


Frank is one of the three guys at the gathering. He is guarding the liquor in the house, which makes it fairly hard to get it.


The main motivation behind why Patrick is at the gathering is that he is the cousin of Ashley and Madison.


Amy is from Rhode Island and as of late moved to this area.
Anxious to join a sorority, she embraces a scrounger chase which will be throughout the day after the gathering, your assistance is in this manner exceptionally valued.


Ashley is Madison’s sister.
The connection between these two isn’t the best since Madison is continually attempting to play a trick on her.


Brittney is sitting upstairs in the examination room.
She escapes the gathering since her new top appears to little for her bust size.


Katherine is a savvy individual, has a graduate degree in science and is consistently on her telephone.
She is hanging tight for her sweetheart to appear, yet she specifies that they don’t generally get along well.


Leah is the most encouraging MMA understudy of Frank and his second-in-direction.


Ashley’s Spanish mentor, she’s never been to a local gathering.
You welcome her to come through Ashley’s PC in the investigation room.


Stephanie is the companion of Madison and moves in the front room with the smokestack.


When Rachael entered the gathering with some liquor in a Thermos, Frank removed it and secured it in the rack he is guarding.


A companion of Rachael who consistently contends in a progression of dares with her.
She is absent at the gathering and Derek isn’t sure whether she was welcomed or not.


Madison is facilitating this gathering and knows the majority of the individuals through school.
Your first mission is to acquaint yourself with her. She is Ashley’s sister and continually attempting to play a trick on her.

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