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Metal Slug Game is one of the best shooting action game which is played all over the world. If you want to download or play this game online, then you are on the right website. Here you can easily download Metal Slug Game Download.

Metal Slug Game Free Download

About Metal Slug Game Download:

First Release:
Metal Slug; April 19, 1996
Latest Release:
Metal Slug XX; December 23, 2009
Shooting Action Game
SNK, Tomo, T. Okui, Dadamusi, Max.D.
SNK, Nazca Corporation, DotEmu, Terminal Reality.

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Metal Slug is a series of shooting gun-action video games created by Nazca Corporation before joining SNK in 1996 after the finalization of the first game in the series. In this game, there is some game character selected by a player who played this game.

This game is a total action game where our players take a different type of gun, which helps the player kill the enemy. It is also known as a tower defense game for mobile platforms. This game is created for a Neo-Geo arcade game where there are various games, even in it.


  • The gameplay consists of a large number of enemies with different weapons and also with different other extreme power.
  • This game is based on shooting run game.
  • Where a large number of enemies with different weapons want to kill the player.
  • And the player starts with a small handgun weapon when the player killed the enemies he gets different extreme power guns against to fight the enemies.

There are some missions in this game.

The player starts from mission one, and after completing mission one, the next mission is started.

After killing the enemy soldiers during the mission, suddenly, when the mission is going to end, we see a big problem in front of us. A big enemy is here to kill us. We want to beat this enemy for going to the next mission. We can’t go & skip this mission even the last enemy is not dead.

Metal Slug Game Download Details:

Metal Slug

Release date(s): NA: April 18, 1996,  JP: April 19, 1996

Metal Slug 2

Release date(s): JP: February 23, 1998, NA: April 2, 1998, EU: November 28, 2008

Metal Slug 3

Release date(s): JP: March 23, 2000, NA: September 17, 2001, EU: November 12, 2004

Metal Slug 4

Release date(s): JP: March 27, 2002

Metal Slug 5

Release date(s): JP: November 14, 2003

Metal Slug 6

Release date(s): JP: February 22, 2006

Metal Slug 7

Release date(s): JP: July 17, 2008, NA: November 28, 2008, EU: February 27, 2009, AU: October 29, 2009

Metal Slug X

Release date(s): NA: March 18, 1999, JP: March 19, 1999, EU: August 1, 2003

Metal Slug XX

Release date(s): JP: December 23, 2009, NA: February 23, 2010, EU: June 25, 2010

Metal Slug Game Download Now:

In this article, I will tell you how to download Best Metal Slug Game the download button is below at the end of the article. First of all, you go to the end of the article here; you see the download button in back & white color.

You click the download button. The new page is open the same as the first page. Here is a download button link for PC & Mobile also. You can download this game for your PC & Mobile too. If you want to download this game for PC, click the PC download link.

A WinRAR file is here for download click the download WinRAR file. After clicking the download button, your game is download in a WinRAR file. And if you want to download this game for Mobile, then here is a link to Mobile. Where you can easily Direct download from Google Play Store by sign in from Gmail. You can download this game both for PC & Mobile. Click the Download Button for download this game & Enjoy the Game.

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