Resident Evil 7 Game | Free Download

Hello, today I will teach you how to download and install the Resident Evil 7 Game for PC.

This is a very amazing action game for PC.

Resident Evil 7 Game Overview:

First of all, for any problem you have it is preferable to disable the antivirus.

So they do not delete the files from the good game without more.

Start with the download must go to the link that I left below in the description of this page.

It will appear back and then it will be 5 seconds and click on the button skip advertising.

This page will appear mega or media file any of the two.

Who has chosen and click on download?

Then it will appear the WinRAR file of the game.

And press it to select them and press where it says extract.

On choose desktop and accept this folder will appear.

Give it double click and also give it a click name so that they are Open with the torrent.

What if they do not have it, I will leave it below in the description of this page it will appear here downloading.

Resident Evil 7 Game Free Download

Download Resident Evil 7 Game:

I already eat it I have not gone to download again the game.

Game Weighs 22 8 GB so they will have to wait once it is downloaded.

Right-click on the game file and choose to open the container folder.

This window will appear and with the tools Damon or any other program.

Double click on it and the game image will be mounted, click here and select where.

It says to run in this part they put it next install as it will take a while.

I will guide the video and now we press on pines.

Now they have to go to the team and where they had assembled.

The image of the game press right clicks and open and go to the folder that says crack.

Select these files press right click and copy then go to the game icon which is this press the right click.

Open the location of the file and here it is in the green right and pastes replaced the files in the destination.

Check if they have it distilled here and then continue to put the game.

Resident Evil 7 Game 2020

Resident Evil 7 Game More Detail:

In English here where it says yes and there is double click and where it says language write in English.

If you want the game in this part delete the 0 and put 1 and now they are going to file save.

As they put it on the desktop because in the same folder the game is installed.

It does not let you on the desktop save and now they go to the desktop copy the file.

They go again to the folder where the game was installed and put worse replace continue and ready there.

The English would have it and enabled he is the game and well.

Now I’m going to show you how functional it is beautiful I just wanted to say.

Game Features :

Following are the primary highlights of Resident Evil 7

  • Discretionary Russian voice overs limitation by Team Raccoon and R.G. MVO included (v1.1, 192 MB).
  • Altogether littler chronicle size (packed from aggregate 34.7 to 19.2~23.3 GB, contingent upon chose segments).
  • Establishment takes ~12 minutes on 8-strings CPU; ~25 minutes on 4-strings CPU.
  • HDD space after establishment: 38 GB (up to 45 GB during establishment).
  • In any event, 2 GB of free RAM (inc. virtual) required for introducing this repack.

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